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Assumption Life portfolios and funds


Many financial decisions are made in the course of a lifetime: retirement planning, education planning, tax reduction strategies and more. It’s always a good idea to call on experts to map out a plan and keep moving toward your goals. The same applies to your financial objectives. With Assumption Life Portfolios, you can rely on a seasoned team of invaluable allies. With the combined expertise of AGF, CI, Fidelity and Louisbourg Investments, your investments are in good hands.

Mutual funds or segregated funds?

People often wonder how to grow the capital meant to fund their retirement. Aside from bank mutual funds, insurance companies offer segregated funds that allow you to protect your capital.

A segregated fund is similar to a mutual fund, but generally comes with a guarantee upon death and a guarantee upon maturity. If you die before the maturity date and the value of the fund is less than the initial amount invested, this guarantee reimburses the difference. The guarantee may be lower if you make deposits after a certain age, for example, 80.

Let’s compare segregated funds and mutual funds…

The two types of funds have a number of things in common: they invest in stocks, bonds and money market funds, they offer potential for growth, they diversify investments and they are eligible for registered and non-registered plans. But segregated funds offer six clear advantages that mutual funds do not:

  1. Payout guarantee upon maturity: Upon maturity, the amount invested in your segregated fund is 75% guaranteed.
  2. Payout guarantee upon death: Upon your death, the amount invested in your segregated fund is 100% guaranteed.*
  3. Creditor protected: The designation of one or more beneficiaries according to the class of insurance beneficiary prescribed by law potentially offers protection against the seizure of your funds.
  4. Simplified and less expensive settlement: Upon your death, the amount payable is paid directly to any designated beneficiaries without going through your estate, thereby avoiding estate fees.
  5. Insurance protection: If your insurer were to declare bankruptcy, Assuris, a non-profit company that protects Canadian insurance holders, guarantees that you will receive 85% of the amount guaranteed upon maturity, or $60,000, whichever is greater.*
  6. Designation of a beneficiary for non-registered contracts: Estate planning and intergenerational wealth transfer can be facilitated by designating a beneficiary.

*under certain conditions

Segregated funds offer strong potential for diversification and growth. Offered with certain guarantees upon death and maturity, they are an important option to consider for investors who are approaching retirement or who want to secure their investments.

Assumption Life Portfolios – WRAP funds

It’s normal to wonder about investment choices and be tempted to make changes as the market fluctuates. With Assumption Life Portfolios, we handle asset allocation for your investments in order to maximize returns. The portfolio manager chooses the funds, maintaining the target asset allocation that you chose based on your needs and investor profile.

Guided by your advisor, you simply answer a few questions to determine your investor profile. Then you can choose the portfolio that suits your needs and matches your profile from among the four choices available. The portfolio manager takes care of:

  • Selecting the funds that will make up the portfolio.
  • Rebalancing the portfolio periodically to ensure its target asset allocation is respected.

Assumption Life Portfolios also offer:

  • Growth with less volatility, thanks to diversification on many levels – asset class, managers, management style, geography and economic sectors.
  • Access to multiple quality funds.
  • Expertise of 4 renowned managers – AGF, CI Investments, Fidelity Investments and Louisbourg Investments.
  • Payout guarantees at death and at maturity.
  • Potential protection against creditors.

Reaching your financial goals doesn’t have to be complicated. The Assumption Life Portfolios make investing toward your goals easy!