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Personal Investments


The registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) is an effective way to accumulate tax-sheltered assets for your retirement, while reducing taxes.

If you think you don’t have the money to invest in an RRSP, think again. An Assumption Life RRSP loan allows you to start investing or make further contributions to your existing RRSP. The earlier you invest, the closer you will be to a secure, promising retirement. Jumpstart your RRSP with an Assumption Life RRSP loan.

Here are other interesting RRSP features:

  • Flexibility to decide how much you want to invest annually.
  • Investment earnings are tax-sheltered until withdrawal.
  • Deposits can be made on an annual, monthly or other basis.
  • Possibility of investing in guaranteed interest accounts or in segregated funds.

For the 12 main strategies for getting the most out of your RRSP, refer to the following document: